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Claudio Cordara

Claudio Cordara

Freelance Software Developer

I'm a freelance software developer based in Milan (Italy).
I can create desktop softwares or libraries for Windows® and Mac® designed on your needs.


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Work Experience

  • Sotware Developer for musical notation software

    Work as software engineer at Allegroassai spa, with functions of analysis, design and coding of the musical notation software products line Opus-Amadeus-Vivaldi (www.allegroassai.it), enterely developed in C++ on both Windows® and Mac® platforms.

  • Sotware Developer for CAD/CAM applications

    Work as software engineer at LAB3D srl (www.lab3d.com), developing software for CAD/CAM applications, in particular I'm working on the developement of algorithms for computation and optimization of milling tool paths in SUM3D CAM application.


  • ITIS Corsico

    Diploma in Computer Science in 1989.

  • University of Milan

    Master Degree in Computer Science in 1997.

My Address

Via Concordia 10, IT-20094 Corsico (MI) ITALY

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About Me

I love to work, so don't be shy, i am just an email away.

Desktop Apps
Desktop Applications

Software development tools and applications constantly change, and organizations are in an ongoing cycle to develop tools and programs that can better automate their processes to provide solutions that give them a sustained competitive advantage.
I can work with you to define your requirements, develop a solid functional specification, design wireframes, develop the application, and then test it for deployment, either for Windows®, Mac® or Linux® platforms.

Libraries and Plugin Developement

Develop and add a specific feature to an existing software application, or design and realize in outsourcing one or more parts of a more wide and complex project, are common needs in software industry. I can help you in your development effort, in collaboration with your developers team or on a separate part of your project, basing on your requirements and provide you with complete, reliable and fully documented modules or libraries.

Consulting, Maintenance, Refactoring and Recoding

If you are not happy with your software performance or stability then you might need code refactoring. I will help you to identify and locate problems in your software, refactor and debug the code, enhance the architecture and thus optimize system performance introducing multithreading and parallelization. I work with code of any size and any degree of complexity

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